Our Mission

Miliani Eyeware produces the highest quality sunglasses in fun and comfortable styles under $50. Our goal as a company is to disrupt the sunglasses industry by providing high quality, high definition polarized sunglasses for that Hawaiian Lifestyle!

We focus on helping communities as well both locally and globally, with our shade for shade policy. With every pair of sunglasses we sell, we donate a pair as well. Our donated shades go to the New Eyes for the Needy Organization as well as various places around the world. These places include Panama, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, and many other countries. In addition to donating sunglasses, we also donate money to animal shelters across the country! 

Miliani Eyeware's focus is helping upcoming models, athletes, and photographers achieve their dreams. We do so by endorsing and including them in our ads, campaigns, and business ventures. This gives us the opportunity to keep the price of the shades under $50! As a company that wants to one day reach its dreams, we would love to be able to help out many others on our way there!